60 Minute Deals Will Let Your potential Customers know Of Your best selling products

So, You’re in business and you have some customers and you could do with more but, marketing costs a fortune! This is an issue that most small businesses, start-ups, home Industries and hobbyists encounter. This is no longer a major issue.

ESSELL is a business directory aimed at marketing small businesses, home industries and hobbyists effectively through a community-based Business Directory. The aim is to make Marketing and other business services available to our community businesses at the lowest cost possible by partnering with Companies like 60-minute deals.

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Who Needs It?

If you need more Customers in your business, then you need this app. If you own a small business, a home industry or if you are just a hobbyist that wants to make some extra cash, then you need this.

80 Minute Deals is the only app in South Africa that offers these services, and if you are listed on ESSELL Business Directory, you get it at a preferential rate.

This App will be ideal for Hair Salons, Home bakeries, Home industries, Leather Workers, Plumbers, Fire Detection Services, Security Companies and just about any business, large or small.

How Does It Work?

As a business owner or hobbyist that has listed their business on ESSELL Business Directory, You can sign up for this value-added service and receive it at a preferential rate.

Once enrolled in the system, you will be able to advertise a “60 Minute Deal” on the App. The app will broadcast it to any of the cellphones registered on the app that are within 5 km of the business for the next 60 minutes. The 60 Minute Deal App will describe the product, the price and by when the item must be collected.

The customer receives the notification of the special and can then take up the offer if they choose to. they will then receive a QR code on their cell phone which will identify the store, The item, the cost and by when it must be collected. The customer must then collect the item within the prescribed time period, usually 24 to 48 hours.

When the customer arrives at the business, the business owner can scan the QR code to confirm that the person has in fact purchased the goods via the60 minute deal app, that it was purchased in time and that the customer has come to pay and collect the goods within the prescribed time frame.

To help deal with the current COVID 19 crisis, the App also offers a feature where the customer can purchase and pay for the goods on the app, and the store then has it delivered, possibly at a premium. These options are available to the business that offers the deal.

Who Does It Reach?

60 Minute Deals has just been launched on the Google Play Store and, 60 Minute Deals and ESSELL market this app to the general public so that they can register on the app and receive the 60 Minute Deals wherever they travel.

In other words, anyone that is passing within 5km of the store that has a current 60 Minute Deal, will receive the deal on their Cell Phone. They can then take up the offer if they so choose.

This means that the offer will not be sent to 20 000 people that purchase a newspaper anywhere in the greater Pretoria area, but will be targeted at people that are within reach of your business, whether they are passing by for work, going on holiday, collecting kids or on their way to another business.

These are mostly people that normal advertising would not reach so they would not be aware of your business. However, if they receive the deal, even if they do not take it up, they have now been made aware of your business and they could support your business in the future.

What Does It Cost?

60 Minute Deals offers three packages to Businesses, Home Industries and Hobbyists at large. However, if your business is listed on ESSELL Business Directory, you will receive the 60 Minute Deal App at a preferential rate as listed below.

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Get the Inspired Strategy package through us for R120.00per month and save R30.00 if your business is listed on our Business Directory. This package is ideal for Home Industries and Hobbyists.Get the Power Strategy package through us for R300.00per month and save R75.00 if your business is listed on our Business Directory This package is ideal for Smaller Businesses, Home Industries and HobbyistsGet the VIP package through us for R1600.00per month and save R150.00 if your business is listed on our Business Directory This package is ideal for bigger Businesses and Industries.

How Do I Sign Up For The 60 Minute Deal App?


Businesses, Home Industries and Hobbyists can sign up for the app by downloading it from Google Play Store. The package required is secelcted and payment is made online throughGoogle Play Store. Google takes care of the monthly fee and the subscription can be changed or stopped as required


Public wishing to receive the 60 minute deals can download the app from Google Play Store and then sign up as a customer. It is free and thwe customer will receive offers from any business that is with 5 km og the customers location.

This Was Custom Made For Businesses And Customers

60 Minute Dealswas made for businesses, large and small and for the customers at large. It provides a great way to get your business, home industry or hobby’s name out there at a relatively low cost. What makes it so effective is that ir takets prospective customers that are in your area or that pass through your area and you are not paying for advertising in areas where your customers do not come from, giving you more bang for your buck!

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