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How many of our people, brothers, sisters, parents, aunts and uncles and our friends have been retrenched, had their work hours reduced, suffered salary decreases or had to close their businesses? I believe most, if not all of us, know someone that is in dire straights as a result of this COVID19 pandemic, or whatever you want to call it.

Trying to rise up out of the resulting collapse is very difficult. Yes, there are dozens of WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook groups trying to help our people but, can you monitor them all? Probably not, and if not, which ones should you follow to get help?

In this article, “Discover ESSELL – Giving You Access To A vibrant Life Again”, I will explain the benefits of having all of the information in one place. There are many different groups trying to help our people earn a living and regain their dignity and self-worth. My concern is how do you know which to join. You certainly cannot belong to them all and the more you belong to, the more messages you get and ignore!

Culture of helplessnes

When one speaks to some of the people that have been affected by the financial circumstances currently prevalent in South Africa, you very often see people with no hope, no faith in what the future will bring and, in fact, absolute helplessness.

They will tell you that with the BBEEE policies of the State, there is no opportunity to get work unless you know someone who can help you and even then, the possibility are few.

Affirmative action was around long before COVID 19 and so have these adverse employment conditions. COVID19 has simply exacerbated the unemployment situation.

There is no doubt that people need help finding work, building new small businesses or home industries and even monetising their Hobbies. The question is, where can they find this help without having to spend hours and more money searching the web.

Everything Business On One Site

Welcome to ESSELL where we offer a platform where you can:

  • List your business on the Business Directory where our people can fin our businesses,
  • Advertise your vacancies,
  • Apply for vacancies,
  • Sell your products via our online shop,
  • Add your CV to our CV repository so that our employers can find you online.

And to beat it all, ALL of this is For Free

Why Business Directory

If we could go to just one place to find the businesses of our people, our family and friend that do not qualify for any of the State grants and other business benefits that they are offering to BBBEE compliant companies, would that not make it easier to support them? A single site where we can find, builders, electricians, hairdressers, welders, computer technicians and Farmers. A single site where we can keep our Small Businesses, Home Industries and Hobbyists alive. After all, they are the ones that will be employing our children, brothers, sisters Moms and Dads.

If we do not find and support our small businesses, home industries and hobbyists, where will our people find work? If your business is not listed on our Business Directory, how will our people find and support you? Register on our site, Log in and then list your business.

Sell your products online

Sell Your Products Online

Imagine an online store where our people’s products can be sold online! With our online Shop, our Small Businesses, Home Industries and Hobbyists can sell their products online, without the cost of website development, domains and hosting costs.

This store was established with the small business, home industry and hobbyist in mind, to help them market their goods, online, without the upfront costs required for establishing an online shop. It also enables more of our people to find more products online while supporting our businesses.

Local products can be sold locally, in your community or nationally with the buyer paying for the courier fees.

Advertise Vacancies

Most businesses have vacancies available from time to time. Advertising them in the local newspapers or with an agency costs money and you end up with hundreds, if not thousands of applicants that you need to screen. An almost impossible task. Advertise your vacancy on our vacancies board and let our people apply to you directly, resulting in fewer applications but more of the suitably qualified people that you might employ.

You could also just go to our CV repository first and search for suitable candidates. If this does not provide you with a suitable candidate, you can then advertise on our Vacancies board.

Find A Job

Apply For Jobs

Found a job you like on our vacancies board? apply directly to the business from our site. No going through agencies and driving kilometres to be one of 30 people interviewed for a post. The Business will select a few suitable candidates and you will be interviewed by the business owner or his representative. This without jumping through all those hoops imposed by the agencies.

List your CV

Tired of spending money on data, having to surf the different apps and groups to find work? Add your CV to our CV repository and let our businesses find you. Once you have uploaded your CV, businesses looking for employees can search our repository for the right candidate and contact them directly.

Find Business Related Help

Need help with the technical issues of running a business, like: We have a section where you can download documents, read advisory articles or ask questions on a specific subject.

  • employment contracts,
  • disciplinary hearings,
  • VAT,
  • Company registration,
  • Health and Safety regulations and more?

Get the support of a subject specialist or consult one at a special rate.

Services Being Developed

As ESSELL is a relatively new site, there are many facets that are still in development. Some of these are:

  • Certified businesses – these are business that have been checked for legal compliance and customer credibility
  • Vetted CVs – All details on a vetted CV will be verified as correct. Education claims will also be verified.
  • Independant business Consultans
  • Crowd Funding – this is considered an urgent step as many of our small busineesses, home3 industires or hobbyists will notqualify for bank oans or State loans or subsidies.

People Supporting People

All these basic services are offered FREE to our people in order to help more and more of our people to get back on their feet. If you have any advice or are able to help us provide free services to our people, please contact us.

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