How To Download The 60 Min Deal App On Your Phone

Make sure that you have registered your business, home industry or hobby on the ESSELL Business Directory before going any further or you will pay full price after 31st July 2021.

Play Store


Once you have registered your business on the Business Directory, go to your phone &:-

  1. Go to Google Play Store. >
  2. In the search box at the top of the screen, type in 60 min deals
  3. Select 60 min deals. Be careful not to select checkers 60sixty.

  • Once you have selected 60 min deals app, click Download.
  • Once Downloadedm click on OPEN

  • When the app opens, Press LOGIN With Your Google Acc

Business owner slide

  • Next, you must select business owner on the slide button.

  • Now select Show Admin Options button

  • Add Your Business Details Here

  • Enter your Full Street Address Here>

to replace address will populate soon, then click on save and update your profile

That’s it. you are registered. Now Just add your Specials to reach the customers in your area.

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