Human Resource Policies, Contracts And Agreements For Free Download

Below are a number of policies and contracts to serve as proformas. These documents are free to download but be aware, they are suggestions which you should amend to suit your needs.

The Human Resource Policies, Contracts And Agreements for free download are in Word so that you can change, amend and improve them, to ensure they meet the requirements of your business and the law.


Absenteeism And abscontion Policy

Absconding from work is deemed to have occurred when an employee is absent from work for such a period that it seems they might not or do not intend to return to work.


Grievance Procedure

Grievances are normally sorted out verbally, but if this has not worked, the formal grievance procedure will be the way to go


Medical Incapacity Policy

DEFINITION OF INCAPACITY. Incapacity refers to the situation where an employee is unable to carry out or perform to his/her contracted obligations due to the inherent inability on the part of the employee.

Fixed Tem Contract

A Fixed Term Contract is a contract that is agreed to by both parties that the contract is for a fixed term and expires on a fixed date or upon the completion of the project.

Grievance Form

The First step in the Grievance Procedure is to put it in writing, usually on the prescribed form.



The disciplinary process must begin with an employee being given the notice to attend a disciplinary enquiry. This notice must be given with enough time for the employee to prepare and set out what act of misconduct the employee is alleged to have committed.

Pharmacists full time employment

Permanent Employment Contract

A Permanent Employment Contract lasts indefinitely and the employee, subject to the terms of the contract, can remain with the company until he retires.

HIV Policy

An HIV Policy lays out the company’s official policy on HIV. It lays out procedures and support by the company and the employees rights and responsibilities



It is important that the Company formalises its Narcotics Policy and that every employee receives a copy and as with all policies, signs for it.