Our People Thank You For Your Donation

On behalf of all of OUR People that make use of this site, for free, we thank you for your Donation.

Thank You

This site was started to meet the desperate needs of so many of Our People who are sitting Jobless, and quite often Homeless. Your donations will be used to help pay the hosting, annual domain fees and advertising the site to the public.

We run an online shop for our people and they may advertise some of their wares in the shop for free. They only pay the banking fees once they sell something. Donationshite squatter camps will also be used towards some of those costs, to get as much of their sales money back to OUR People as we can. Please visit our shop and support OUR People where you can.

As the site grows, we will have to emplow more people to run the site, but this will add to the costs that will need to be covered, so if you have a marketing budget, please consider placing an advert with us and help us grow this service and keep it free to OUR People.

Once again, Thank you for your donation and support.