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ESSELL is a community-driven organisation that aims to bring services to our community by providing business services that can assist people and businesses to grow and prosper in modern South Africa.

In this article, we will inform you of what products and services are free and where you can find our premium services. Why do we have premium services? Simply put, We provide advanced premium services to businesses and people to cover the costs of maintaining this site. The only sponsorship we have is from PMSS who offer us the domain and hosting for the site for free. The premium services cover the costs of all other services and programs we require to provide our clients with a free service.

So What services are free on ESSELL? Well, here there are:-

Additional Services
  • Listing on our ESSELL Business Directory
  • Searching ESSELL Business Directory for services or products provided by our community businesses, home industries and hobbyists.
  • Listing your vacancies on our Job Portal
  • Searching our Job Portal for candidates for your vacancies.
  • Uploading your Resume to our Job Portal database.
  • Searching for a vacancy

During Beta Testing

During beta testing, any Business, home industry or hobbyist can have up to 5 products listed on our ESSELL Shop Online for free. This is a special offer during our testing phase and is offered subject to the shop terms and conditions. These Items will always be free in the store but may not be changed or altered. Once the site is out of beta testing, any changes will be subject to the reigning fees.

Where to Find Premium Offers

Premium offers can be found here on the Premium services page. These services are paid services that are offered at a discounted rate to certain of our Primary Customers and Organisations that support our aim to promote small businesses, home industries and hobbyists that drive the small business and informal sector in our community.

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